Enabling Video Desktop Backgrounds in Windows 7

Please note that this is for Windows 7 64-Bit.

If you’d like to have video backgrounds go ahead and download the attached .zip file. its a zipped .rar, so you’ll need winrar.

First and foremost, this requires that you change the registry and copy files into your Windows OS directory. You should definitely backup in case something goes wrong.

1.) copy DreamScene.dll to (Your Windows Directory)\system32\

2.) copy DreamScene.dll.mui to (Your Windows Directory)\system32\en-US\

3.) Run Dscene.reg (or you can do it the manual way), followed by a Reboot.

4.) Right click any .mpg video and “set as desktop background”.

There are also instructions inside the zip folder. Credit to Orbit30 for this mod.

Download:   http://remadon.drunkencoders.com/files/2010/07/Dreamscene.zip

Deleting “Undeletable” Files

So, today, something very interesting happened with my comp. I load up to find some folder called “C:\Undeletable” in my hard drive, so when I tryed to remove it, all I got was a message saying that the file or folder could not be found. so what I did was take ownership of the files and it still says I can’t delete them, so I open task manager and kill explorer.exe, start a command prompt with admin-level privalages, navigate to C:\, then used the DEL command to delete the “C:\Undeletable” folder, witch was then successfully removed by command prompt. These files are marked as “Invalid” within windows, because they have (for example) a colon in the name when it shouldn’t, and thus cant be deleted because it shouldn’t exist in the first place.

Windows 7

So, Windows 7. Fun stuff, I like it much more than vista.

In fact, its so much better that they just had to drop New > Text Document out of the right click menu. This seems to only happen if you upgraded from vista to 7, but not if you did a clean install. If your somebody who doesn’t have “New > Text Document” of your windows 7 right-click menu this is for you. If your the kind of guy who likes to change your log on background this is for you too.

so, first off, I upgraded from vista to 7, and had no new text document option on my right click. how stupid. so I decided to take a look in the registry, and with about 4 minutes of searching I created a small .reg file for adding this to the menu.

secondly, I found that windows 7 has a build in feature to change the log on GUI Background. however it is (for some stupid reason) disabled in the registry. Ive made a small .reg file for this too.

To enable logon BG Change, go download the .zip attached to this post and follow these steps.

1.) un-zip the .zip file with your choice of un-ziping software. (you might wanna backup your registry first )

2.) double click the EnableLogonGBChange.reg file, Windows will ask you if you want to make changes to the registry, hit yes.

3.) now reboot, and go to C:\Windows\System32\oobe\Info\Backgrounds\

4.) Drag whatever picture you want in to there (named backgroundDefault.jpg, and yes it has to be a .jpg) and hit ctrl + alt + del to see the magic. It works best if the picture matches your screen size, or is bigger that your screen.

Download Here: http://remadon.drunkencoders.com/files/2010/01/Win7Fixes.zip

Hello world!

Thanks Drunken Coders!